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Which Friends Appear in the Friend Section on the Left of a Profile Page

Which Friends Appear in the Friend Section on the Left of a Profile Page

Have you ever wondered about the 9-person friend list on your wall? How does Facebook decide what 9 friends to display on your profile page?

You won’t find the answer on Facebook since They don’t publicize how they do that…however we decided to take a deeper look…

Well, the 9 friends displayed in your Facebook profile friends section are determined by various factors, but mostly they will display friends that you seem to be closer to depending on diverse types of interaction. These 9 friends may be your closest friends, family members, Facebook stalkers or simply friends that have recently viewed your profile (yes, it goes both ways, either they have viewed your profile, or you theirs).

One or two friends in this section will still show randomly every now and then, however it seems to us that the most important criteria taken into account by Facebook is whose friends profiles and/or photos you viewed and who your friends viewed. So if Facebook notices that one of your friends checks your profile more often than their other friends’ profiles, then it is more than likely that this friend’s picture will show up in your friends section box on the left. sums it up well:

It’s safe to say that if a friend’s photo is showing up on your timeline, but you haven’t had any recent Facebook interaction with them, then, yes, that person has probably been spending a hefty amount of time looking at your profile.

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