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Trial: Apple vs. Samsung

Trial: Apple vs. Samsung

What happened and what’s going on today:

Apple first filed suit against the Korean company in April of 2011, accusing Samsung of copying the design of its products. Samsung countersued 8 weeks later over patent infringement. The initial trial, which started in August of 2012, covered both of those cases in one.
The trial was characterized by a massive trove of evidence that disclosed some of each companies’ biggest secrets. During that trial, Apple pointed out that Samsung wasn’t making anything that looked remotely like the iPhone or iPad until both of those products launched. On the other hand, Samsung handed out plenty of internal documents that proved it was at work on touch-screen phones with large rectangular screens & curved corners well before Apple presented its products.

A nine-person eventually ruled in Apple’s favor who was awarded $1.05 billion in damages, contrary to Samsung which asked for $421 million in its countersuit but didn’t get a thing.

However, last March, Judge Lucy Koh ordered a second trial to recalculate part of the damages and exempted $450.5 million from the initial $1.05 billion due by Samsung. Thereby Samsung is still on the hoock for approximately $600 million.

The upcoming trial will take place in the US District Court in California on the 12th of November and expected to be settled by November 22nd.

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